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       It has been 8 months since we had to shutdown the majority of our operation. Since then we have adapted to what was in front of us, but sadly enough the revenue that comes in each day does not fully cover what we need to operate and sustain. We have been incredibly lucky to have the Community support us and put our staff first.  Without the Community and our external fundraising efforts with the #communitystrong Shirts we would had probably not made it this far. We thank you all for that and consider you all family. Lately with the new shutdown we have been asked by dozens in the Community how they can help and what will we do next.

          So… as we we look towards the future, we constantly think of ways to continue fundraising to cover payroll and other expenses to keep the doors open, along with our staff in place to work day-to-day. We are happy to announce that we are starting a “Hope Tree”. We are asking the Community to come out and help us fill the tree with little wood ornaments. We hope this tree will not serve only as a Beacon of Hope for us and our staff, but more of a larger symbol of amazing our Community is.

         We ask that you please come in and ask for a wood ornament to decorate. You can take it home and decorate or we can decorate for you. Please decorate it with whatever you feel will brighten our day and others that see it. It could be words of wisdom, your family name, a festive picture or even a loved one that is not with us. In return we ask that you make a small contribution that will go into a fund to help support the Vine through the Winter and Spring. We will hang all the ornaments on the tree and if we need to, we can get a second tree if we run out of room.

Also, for those of you that cannot make it to The Vine, or you might live out of town, we will have ornaments available through our website. Just fill out the form and we can decorate one for you. Just let us know what you want on it and do not worry we have some amazing artists on staff that can make the ornament look beautiful for you.

        We are truly thankful to have you all in our corner during these tough times and to be able to continue to serve the Community by doing what we love every day. We look forward to filling the tree and leaving it up through the Winter/Spring for all to see!


                             Michael Pruitt   

                #communitystrong #hopetree

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This winter we are raising funds to do something special for our staff for the holidays.


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Thank You To Everyone Who Helped!

With your help we were able to stay open and pay staff during the first month of shutdown. We will always be thankful to the ongoing support from everyone in the community and that hope that we will get out of this pandemic in a timely fashion.

If you have not picked up your shirt yet, please come by with your I.D. or order confirmation. #communitystrong